Dr Gilbert Watson BDS MDS (Otago) <br> Specialist Prosthodontist in Auckland

Gilbert Watson graduated in 1984, with his dental degree. After 14 years in private practice he returned to Otago to complete a 3 years postgraduate masters degree specialising in Prosthodontics. His thesis involved work with dentures supported by implants. Gilbert recently completed a two-year tenure as the President of the New Zealand Academy of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentists.

What is a Prosthodontist?

A specialist prosthodontist is a dentist who has specialised in restoring the mouth and improving the smile.  They have spent at least an additional three studying, having finished their general dental degree. They use crowns, bridges, implants, partial and complete dentures to restore the mouth.
They are specifically trained to plan and restore the mouth whether you are missing a single tooth, or you have multiple failing teeth. A specialist prosthodontist is able to provide you with all the options available to restore your situation.
If you are concerned with how to best restore your mouth please contact us.

We aren’t here to give you “The Hollywood Smile”

Although we can give you that all American white gleaming smile, our passion is to provide you with a beautiful natural smile and restore function.
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